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4 layers PCB: What's the best vias specification to this type of board ?

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  • 4 layers PCB: What's the best vias specification to this type of board ?

    Hello Robert !!!
    Hello Everyone !!!

    I'm starting a new board.using MCU. My questions are:

    1. What's the VIA specification to this type of Board ?

    2. How to setup correct stack up ?

    3. Could I use the same idea /way than 2 layers PCB ?

    Thank you very much

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    Hello Eoliveira
    ​1. Depends how complex and expensive / cheap the board needs to be. For cheaper boards I use VIA diameter 0.6mm and hole size 0.3mm. For more complex boards I use 0.45mm / 0.2mm
    2. This may help you:
    3. I am not sure what you mean.


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      Thank U very much ..

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    About question number 3.

    - Try to keep GND on the bottom as solid as possible, route as much as possible on the top.

    - Is necessary to use polygon on bottom or Top Layer for GND ?

    - Route short tracks on the bottom, ( horizontal routing ), and keep the GND as big as possible on the bottom layer.

    This new board is simple, but I would like to have 4 layers.
    My last board I used 2 layers, In my point of view is very hard supply some parts of circuit.

    Thank you


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      For 4 layer PCB ideally you would like to use one inner layer as a solid GND plane with no other tracks. The other inner layer can be used for power planes. Than I would use TOP and BOTTOM layers for routing rest of the signals.


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        Thank you very much !!!


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          I am trying to get the current carrying capacity of a via using "Saturn PCB Toolkit" and my questions are :-

          1.What is "Ideal Plane clearance" for the Vias which can be used and what is its selection based on?
          2.If I am using a via on a track, how should I find out the "Reference plane opening" to input in the Saturn PCB toolkit.



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            chitransh92 I don't think that influences VIA current capacity. Did you try to change it and check the VIA current?


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              You are right Robert, it does not affect the current carrying capacity.
              However, I am also interested to know the significance of "Plane clearance" and how do we select it in our designs.


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                Often I use minimum clearance. Usually, during PCB manufacturing, the unconnected pads are removed from the inner layers anyway.


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                  Need some more clarity here.

                  Minimum clearance = 0.1 mm or some other value.