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28 pins Project

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  • robertferanec
    1) Through hole VIAs.
    2) It is fine. Usually the ratio is 1:10 or 1:12. For this kind of board, usually the smallest through hole can be 0.15mm .... this means, 0.3mm is perfect and it is also cheap.

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  • Eoliveira
    started a topic 28 pins Project

    28 pins Project

    Hello Everyone !!

    Hello Robert !!!

    Could you help me ?

    In arduino 28 pins Project We use via with 0.3mm hole size ....

    I was watch notes about hardware design, Via Aspect Ratio.

    My questions is ...

    1. What kind of vias We use in this project ? I think ... Blind vias ??? . Am I correct ?

    2. The thickness of board is 1.6mm , Is enough to use a Via this type to connect TOP e BOTTOM Layer ?

    Sorry I'm a little confuse about this

    Thank you