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  • pad specific rule

    good morning, sorry for my english,
    i'm new in altium. I'm working on my first pcb and i've a question.

    how can I set specific rule for only some pad ? as an example i have some mosfet and LDO, with a termal pad, i want the my GND poligon connect all smd pad with thermal relief and only this termal pad with a direct connection.
    For now my solution is place a FILL around the thermal pad and set the poligon "Pour over all same net object" but i think is a dirty solution, there is a way to create a rule like:
    "for polygon: connect all smd with thermal relief except some specific pad" ?

    thank you in advance

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    What Altium do you use?

    In AD19 and higher you can directly select the pad and change thermal connection

    In old Altiums you could for example create a rule between specific net and component (or specific pad), possibly draw a separate polygon around your thermal pad? There may be more options.


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      I use Altium 18
      Creating a rule is exactly what i want to do, but i don't know how to specify the pad in the rule. For example, how i can create a query for every pan of pin 3 of DPAK package?


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        you mean like in the picture.. (also in altium 18)


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          I am not 100% sure if you can select a pin with specific number in PCB ... hmm, I would say it should be possible - I tried to search for it, but could not find it. Anyone knows?


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            for now i solved overlapping a FILL over the specific pad. waiting for my upgrade to Altium 19.
            Thank you.