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    Hi Guys,

    I have one question to ask. How do you guys manage sharing the PCB files when multiple people are working on PCB project. Do you use some kind of version control. If so, can you give me some details regarding this. What type of version control software, which server(AWS is okay? ) etc ?


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    You can't really work simultaneously on a PCB, the way software engineering do for example. What we've done in my company is creating a copy of the PCB and one guy works on the copy in particular area of the board, while I work on the main version in a different area. Then I can just copy his work into my version. You both need to know what you are doing though and have good communication to keep things in sync. Otherwise things can get messy quickly.


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      In past we have done it same way as mairomaster described.

      Currently I am investigating Altium a little bit deeper and I am looking into different features - including PCB collaboration. Have a look at this video (I am not sure if this is only in NEXUS or if it can be used also by standard users, that is what I am trying to figure out and test):


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        This feature looks more better. But i think its available only in Nexus.


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          But i think its available only in Nexus.
          I am checking Altium Concord Pro. It says:

          "Concurrent PCB design works without any complex setup."
          This page looks at working with projects through Concord Pro's browser interface, including creation, upload, editing, sharing, cloning, and deletion. Project folders are also covered