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Power Track Width, GND and Vias Doubts

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  • Power Track Width, GND and Vias Doubts

    Dear forum, I always wonder what the implications are when Im routing a power track if I keep track width the same or if I should make it wider up to possible and then reduce its width and finish route. I attached a picture for it. So my questions are:
    I1) ts ok my power track have different sizes during routing? Im asking it because from microwave theory if you have different width you are making a filter using different width tracks in your circuit, but I think its more important for high frequency circuits, which isnt the case of my circuit here...
    2)I Should keep my layout like this or I just use the same track size for my +3.3V track? What about GND? Any other tracks on circuit? Well, I have only 2 layers, more than necessary for this project but my about GND tracks and POWER tracks, is it a good practice in 2 layers board use vias to connect gnds for different layers? I always try to connect GND in one layer as possible, but if not I need to use via and connect both layers but I dont have sure if I need place vias as much as possible because it makes circuit reduce heat and make low impedance for current loop...
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    i would move the connector upwards, and make the trace evenly thick over the board connect it form the bottom.. . make the traces as big as allowed. also you can use multiple via's in a row to make a greater connection in you gnd traces just extend the trace over te via's manually (altium will " remove loops").. I would prefer using polygons here.. but I dont know what the restrictions are for your deisgn.

    from an estetic point of view I would prefer to keep all traces the same width over the design.


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      - I do reduce track width, but mostly when going from high current path to low current path .. for example when I have 10A track and I need to connect there 0.5A pin, I can make that 0.5A connection thinner.

      - I can change track width of main current path, however, in this case I need to be sure, that the narrow part of the track can carry the required current.

      In your case, I would simple put 3V3 polygon on the TOP layer under the connector and connected it with the track going out.

      But ... doing power distribution on 2 layer PCB is not easy .... so be extra careful.


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        Well, I done my layout I would like to know if it looks good and what to improve. I place gnd vias over gnd place, I would like to confirm if its good because: create a low impedance path for current loop, good to avoid board heating. Thats why I use it.
        About my +3.3V track I still didnt understand how to improve it, so I need to draw a polygon in which side? I attached pictures, please indicate what you think is good on image. Im using Kicad Software too, not Altium. Power Distribution on 2 layers, how to improve it or find information about it, Im interesting to learn more.
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          These are very wide questions - they are hard to answer as no one knows what is on the board - are these analogue signals, are they uart signals, PCI express signals, high current signals ... ??? They look to me like some GPIOs, but ... it can be anything.