Hi everyone,
I have to design a motherboard able to run with up to 2 displays.
I have 3 devices to manage with:
1/ Device 1 with 1 display 15.6"
2/ Device 2 with 2 displays 15.6"
3/ Device 3 with 2 displays 27.0"

Each display comes with 4K Resolution, eDP port and touch screen.
Let's say that the board dimensions are about the size of 1 display 15.6".
How do I manage the connections with the displays ?
For Device 1, it's easy, but for the other ones, if you have some idea …
I fear having EMC issues if I have eDP cables running on a long distance.
The idea, maybe, would be having an interface board located near the eDP display connector and that converts the signal into HDMI ?

Thanks a lot.