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Splitting plane for negative voltage

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  • Splitting plane for negative voltage

    Hi everybody,
    I used op-amp for my project. And supplied with +12 and -12 volts. My PCB will have 4 layers which are TOP (signal layer) ,POWER (internal plane),GROUND(internal plane),BOTTOM (signal layer). When i split the power plane for supply voltages such as +12V, +5V , +3.3V , i confused where to set my -12 power for op-amp supply. Should i set -12V to POWER plane or GROUND plane and why ?
    Thank you

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    always keep your ground as " ground only" of you can. there is no issue why you should not combine your -12V plane next to your positive voltage planes.
    even for negative voltages the return current will flow over your GND.
    as always a solid gnd plane will provide a good gnd for your board and saves a lot of headaches...

    so to conclude, toplayer will contain the opamp, the layer below that will be your power plane with all voltages, then your GND plane, and bottom is agian for components and trakcs


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      Thank you so much. I also found that e-book.​