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  • Copper coined PCB

    Hi Everyone,

    I am wondering someone here designed a copper coined pcb. I tried looking around and I dont really understand this technology. If someone has better overview of this, can you share the concept with images and so on. Additionally, how do I set it up in Altium designer?

    Looking forward to your help

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    I didn't know something like this is possible. I can't really help as I have never used it, but it is interesting.

    PS: For everyone who has never heard about copper coin in PCB, here is more info:
    "The concept is based on getting a copper coin press fit into a premade cutout in the board right under an area that is identified as a hot spot – MOSFET pad for example." Click image for larger version

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      Yes new thing for me as well. Apparently, such a thing is very useful heat dissipation when you are working with really high power designs.

      The simplest design that I have thought about is to insert a hole below the IC where the thermal pad exists. This is plated through hole all the way down to bottom layers. We then ask the PCB manufacturer to insert a copper coin in this region. However, this is a simple copper coin arrangement but there exists many different flavors.

      PS: Its good thing to first check whether the manufacturer has the capability to do this.