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Routing ddr3 on 6 layers

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  • Routing ddr3 on 6 layers

    What's the best way to route ddr3 with t-branch topology on 6 layers. Like the one on the imx6rex module.

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    What do u mean by this??


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      In the advanced PCB layout course, robert routed the DDR3 chips on a 12 layer board and he used 4 layers to do the routing of the ADDR CMD CTRL signals of the DDR3 chips. He used layer 3 and 10 for the trunk and the T-branch and he used the top and bottom layer for the top branches. Which means he used 4 layers in total and i uploaded pictures to show this. I'm trying to design a 6 layer board and this is the stackup
      layer 1 - signal
      layer 2 - GND plane
      layer 3 - signal
      layer 4 - Power
      layer 5 - GND plane
      layer 6 - signal
      This means i only have 3 layers as my signal layers and from roberts video, i need 4. How do i then route the DDR3 with a T-branch topology on a 6 layer board. What is the best way to route this.


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        Maybe bottom layer can be used + 1 inner layer + top layer for addr+ctrl+cmd+clk? But it depends on how many chips are connected and if it is possible to route all data on 1 inner layer only.