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PCB Fabrication Process - Training Suggestion

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  • PCB Fabrication Process - Training Suggestion

    Hi everyone,

    I was hoping someone might be able to recommend a course that I can do that covers the PCB fabrication process. Can someone please point me in the right direction?

    I'm finding that my projects are becoming more and more complex, with HDI, small non-collapsing BGAs that make solder mask difficult, and sometimes a lot of layers.
    I'm also having to do more and more in the layer stack design and impedance profile planning, and sometimes it's difficult to get the information I need from the manufacturers.

    I think there would be a great advantage in understanding how boards are made, why some manufacturers prefer to cut BGA pads rather than mask define the pad shapes, why filling and capping vias increases the copper clearance on microstrip layers but not stripline, etc.

    I think it’s essential to lean on the manufacturer for various things, but I also see great value in being able to make better educated decisions.

    Your help would be greatly appreciated.
    Thanks you,

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    DanR I do not know about any PCB fabrication course. Maybe someone else can help?

    PS: If you work for a company, ask the company where you are manufacturing PCBs if you could go there and see the process. Also, I have seen some videos on youtube and I have done some videos on this topic too:

    - PCB Manufacturing - Important facts you should know
    - How is a multilayer PCB made?
    - Eurocircuits - how to make a 4-layer PCB (full version)


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      Like robertferanec I too do not know of a course. I did look at many video's and read blog posts on various topics.
      One of the public figures in PCB fabrication is Gerry Partida. There are video's of him on YouTube and Altium OnTrack podcast.
      But perhaps one of your (and all of use) problems is that the processes differ between fabricators when the more advanced PCB need to be made.