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Placing D Connecter at Edge of PDB

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  • Placing D Connecter at Edge of PDB

    I am unable to put D connector at the PCB edge please help!!

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    Hmm, I don't really know what the problem could be. Just to be sure, can you move anything else over the edge? I am thinking if the board is not at the edge of the canvas.


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      The board is positioned at or near the absolute zero position (in X and/or Y axis)
      Best solution:
      - Optionally: make sure you have primitives to define the board shape -> Design / Board shape / create primitives from board shape.
      - enable all layers
      - In properties make sure everything can be selected
      - select everything Ctrl-A
      - Edit / Move / Move selection by X, Y
      - For the X and Y offsets use 50mm or 2000mil
      - Click Ok
      - Place the origin at the new position -> Edit / Origin / Set