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impedance calculation

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  • impedance calculation

    Hi everyone,

    While controlling impedance calculation at component pads, Shall we have to take account of component’s pin height?
    Could you help me?


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    How high speed are you going?
    Everything you need to know to understand impedance in PCB layout (and TDR). Clear and easy to understand explanation by Eric BogatinLinks:- Eric Bogatin: ht...


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      For higher than 10 Gbps signals. I watched that video twice but ı couldn't extract the question that i did ask at post. If I need to open, there is a connector pad(base copper height), solder and a connector pin. for calculating impedance, every pcb design tool just take account of base copper height. so, do we need to import other parameters(solder and pin height) to base copper height.



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        for very high speed interfaces often special connectors are used - look for press fit. they should be considering everything to meet the high speed requirements (they are not even soldered, and they go only until certain depth of PCB). PS: I may be creating a video about high speed and connectors, it's on my todolist

        PS: I have never considered pin length nor solder for impedance calculation - I am not sure how this would be done.


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          I'm sorry i can not explain my question very clearly. not all pin length, just part of the pin over the pad. this short pin length has a height and solder has a height(it is shown on page 4-SMT in the link you shared.). İf we consider the pads like differential traces, shouldn't we add the heights to pcb copper height to calculate pad's impedance.

          I will be very pleased for that video. I follow your videos closely.