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Freeware tool for converting SPICE-to-IBIS

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  • Freeware tool for converting SPICE-to-IBIS

    Does anyone know of a free tool to convert SPICE to IBIS.
    I found one, but it was developed 16 years ago and is no longer supported. While trying to use it, I encountered problems with Java.
    Another option is T2B from Cadence Sigrity suite, but it isn't available as separate tool.

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    What about using a bunch of .meas commands and using those results to build the IBIS model?


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      Try to ask the chip manufacturer, if they don't have the model and if you really need to simulate it, I would try to find a similar component which would have model. Even if you convert it, are you going to fully trust it? I believe these two models are created based on different approaches, I am not sure how accurate the conversion can be.

      I know it doesn't directly answer your questions, but maybe it can help.


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        The tool I mentioned allows you to create IBIS models for different components, such as MOSFETs for which, unlike BJTs, there is no default model in Altium.
        Asking the chipmaker is another issue. I tried to get IBIS from Realtek for purely digital ICs, but failed: Realtek does not supply IBIS for its ICs.