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    hello every one . I have a rf pcb and it's frequence is 10 Ghz . most of the people sugest that use rojers material (e.g. ro4003c) . the dielectric constant of ro4003 is 3.4 and we have fr4 that its constant is like it . why we should use rojers and dont use low dk fr4? is there any other factor that we should concider? and another thing, when we should use low dk and when use high dk? i've heard that we should use high dk for high current pcbs . is it true?
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    I think, for RF PCB the problem may be loses in the material. But I am not expert for RF, maybe someone else can help?


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      Best thing is to ask you PCB manufacturer. based on your design needs and let them recommend something.

      but i went up to 12Ghz on Isola 408HR . single trace.. but losses are high on longer lengths.

      for higher stuff like 25Ghz and 32 Ghz diff pairs i went to Megtron 6.

      rogers is very decent stuff. but mostly why everone wants rogers is because the militairy uses it.. and its very old but people remember it to be the best.. things have changed and other vendors are also good.. i know that a friend of mine who refurbishes old milatairy stuff told me he found a lot of rogers material inside those RF boxes..