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PCBs with Differential Trace

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  • PCBs with Differential Trace

    Hi All,
    I am looking for legit boards with differential traces that are already in the market and require need the differential nets present in those. I am using Cadence and need it in 'brd' format. Can anyone suggest how to find one?
    (I require minimum of 15 different trace geometries)

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    I am not exactly sure what you mean, but this looks like a very specific board and it may be better if you try to design the board by yourself. It should not be difficult.


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      To be precise, one of the boards that I was able to get a board file for is the CFP2 board. I need board files for the designs that have been in the market, for example PCI Express etc. I need the differential traces of such boards for my purpose. Please let me know if I have made myself clear.


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        you cant copy trace information like that an expect it to work. you can calculate the diffpair tracing based on your needs with tools like SATURNPCB.. for PCIe you need to know what type you want 2/3/4/5 and see what tolerances are for your design. length tuning is based on internal pinlength of the device (interal wire on the chip) and board length. so you cannot copy.. each design is very specific. hope this helps.


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          Thanks for your response. My research involves with testing of differential trace nets for EM evaluations. EM is my main topic of work here. Thus, I need differential nets of various designs (of course I will index each one of it in my work) to evaluate for EM, for which I use HFSS. I am curious to get more .brd files with differential nets in it for this purpose. Although I have found few, I wish to test more.