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Reducing risks on one-unit-only prototypes woth expensive SocS

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  • mairomaster
    I have done a couple of designs with Altera Arria/Cyclone, no problems whatsoever. I can advice you to thoroughly test you design first on a development board to be sure: first it is working the way you want it to and second you have all interfaces that you can potentially need wired. Having a good FPGA engineer helps a lot as well.

    With the schematics/PCB check some reference designs from Altera, they have very good ones. The schematics should be relatively straight forward, however there are some small pitfalls which could be easily caught by reading the design guides. There is nothing hard with the PCBs - those FPGAs are big pitch devices so there shouldn't be any issues really if you are smart about it.

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  • Reducing risks on one-unit-only prototypes woth expensive SocS

    Hi all, i want to collect some ideas or some usefull tips when designing prototypes with very expensive hardware such as Altera Arria, Cyclone or Stratix SoC Famlies in order to avoid waste much money on prototyping phases where a fail can be a big problem.

    I have fear to fail and I was thinking about a bga socket for example, so that if it works with the socket, further and without it, the integrity will be better or at least equal..., and if it fails i dont demage the SoC!, anyone has experience on prototyping with shuch systems?

    I think that i will not find a bga socket for Altera uBGA 672 Wire Bonded packages

    We´re designing a rangefinder embedded on a quadcopter with a lot of things and video transmit based on Altera soc family and i want to share the idea with you too !

    This block is able(tested) to catch a very high speed pulse without needing to have a some ghz logic, by detecting changes in the register.
    Perfect for a laser radar

    4 Pll with the same multypling factor BUT whith different phase shift feeding an 8 bit register when 4 of then are negedge sensitive.

    Thank you in advance!

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