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Designing board based on 2, 4 or 6 layers??

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  • Designing board based on 2, 4 or 6 layers??

    Dear all,

    I designed my schematic and just starting PCB. Schematic is about 2 pages. I attach the images of my design to this post. I want to decide about layers of the board. I don't know to design board based on 2, 4 or 6 layers. As the cost of 4 layer board for sample is 4 times more than 2 layer board, and for high quantity it is little bit more. My quantity for this board is about 1200pcs and not more. Please help me to design my board on the right layer number. What benefits it can have for me regarding quality of my board, if I design based on 4 or 6 layers?

    Thank you,

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    Hi fatemehjml please could you attach the pictures in full resolution? Use the attachment button on the right. In the current resolution it is hard to see what interfaces you are using. Thank you.


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      Dear Robert

      Thanks for your answer.

      I attached PDF file for my schematic. Please check.

      Attached Files


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        Dear fatemehjml, my main concern would be the power supply and EMC. However, I had a look at LM5005 evaluation board and it looks like they did it on 2 layer PCB. So if your board really has to be very cheap, I would probably try 2 layer PCB, but I would go and do some EMC testing with very first prototypes. BTW, you may want to double check the schematic e.g. LF33CDT-TR LDO may be getting hot, I don't see any power connected to the MAX232, ..... and there may be more. Please do not send me to check the schematic then Thank you for understanding and I hope it will help you.