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    I'm designing one PCB which will produce in 3000 pcs quantity and more. The PCB contains STM32 microcontroller. There are 8 pins of the microcontroller which should connect to the programmer and this connection will happen 1 to maximum 4 times of every PCB forever. what's your idea to implement this connection? If I want to use one 8 positions pin header for every board and if the pin header was at least 0.5$, for 3000 pcs it will cost about 1500$ or more for us. As I checked some of microcontroller boards which produce in high quantity, they put some pads for programming and no header! How they then connect to these pads without any problem in manufacturing? I attached some photos of these boards.

    Thank you,

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    Maybe test points + needles are what you are looking for? Google for "bed of nails pcb". Let me know.


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      The topic is a bit old, but I've used those before:

      In-Circuit Programming Cables that Save Cost and Space on Every Board! ZERO Cost per Board! No mating connector required on PCB! High Reliability Pogo Spring Pins for Secure Connection! Tiny footprint! Rugged Design for Highly Repetitive Use! Designed so it can only be inserted the correct way round! Read more about how Tag-Connect Saves you […]

      The cables are a bit expensive, but if you don't need many cables it's quite convenient.


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        Dear mairomaster

        Thank you very much.
        I visited the website. The prices is so high but that's what I'm searching for!



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          mairomaster Nice! Thank you for posting it!