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    i have a difficulty in understanding a datasheet of EMI4182.. it is a common mode choke in which i want to understand the total power consumption of IC.. As shown in an attachment the maximum current per line is given as 100mA.. As an IC having four input & four output signal respectively then what should be the total current consumption ?? Is the current consumption is addition of only input current or we have to add both input and output line current??? Click image for larger version

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    This is a passive component - means there is no external power required to use this component.

    PS: The current rating is absolute maximum current which can flow through the line without damaging it.


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      Yes, I agree with Robert. By the way, an amazing IC in order to save space.


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        Thank you robertferanec & oscargomezf ... Does it means it draws maximum 100mA current per pin??


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          I'm used to managing with common mode chokes of Wurth Elektronik for use with DC-DC converters. And I think this data is the typically rated current, so as Rober told you, this common mode choke is able to manage up to 100mA per channel. I attached you the typical datasheet of Wurth Elektronik.

          Best regards.


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            Does it means it draws maximum 100mA current per pin
            sneha.xeye, have a look at the circuit what is inside the chip. There is nothing else only diodes and inductors (magnetics):
            Click image for larger version

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            The chip doesn't draw any currents. Currents simply flow between pins 1<->10, 2<->9, 4<->7, 5<->6. The lines between these pins (e.g. the physical connection inside the chip between pin 1 and 10) are probably very thin, so maximum current which can run trough the lines inside the chip is 100mA. If you try to run higher current between pins 1-10, you will probably damage the connection.


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              robertferanec thank you for making it clear