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USB front end components

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  • robertferanec
    If this is a device, I am not sure about the fuse. The fuse should be on the source side, if you have it on device site too, you may get additional voltage drop across the fuse. Be sure you can replace it by 0R if needed.

    About the exact values and part numbers of ESD and Over voltage protection - often I use components recommended in reference schematic. Possibly I have a look at the protection manufacturer website and check their recommended components for specific applications and environment .. maybe like this (the file is also attached):
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  • Luca
    started a topic USB front end components

    USB front end components

    Hi to everyone,
    this is my first time to design a USB for a portable device, i mean the client and not the host.
    My application is mainly intended for battery recharge from USB power port and slow USB data stream for firmware upgrade.
    The main key is to protect the data lines and power lines in order to get a device very strong, because it will work in harsh enviroment (outdoor and so on)
    The entire board dimension is small, 26 x 49 mm.
    This is what i've designed, but i'm not sure about both TVS for data lines and power line.
    Also TL1 have a break down voltage from 6.4 to 7v and it's really close to maximum rating of U1.
    Anyone have some suggestion about this topic? Better components?
    Any comments are welcome.
    Thanks in advance, Luca
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