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Choosing LCD for project

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  • Choosing LCD for project

    Hello to all ,

    I'm currently want to start new project (portable game console) , now i have so much questions about LCDs.
    - I want to use imx6q as i t says it support 24bit RGB display
    Now i'm not sure for lcds can it be directly connected to processor , i see a lot of boards that always for lcd have external board , why ?
    So why i cant make board like for tablet so lcd is connected directly to board ?
    Can i use lcds from aliexpress like this ( ?
    What should i consider when choosing lcd ?
    What is difference between 40pin and 50pin lcd , what should i use ?

    Can i use tablets lcds for project like this one (

    Also if you have example display maybe you use for openRex or your boards from course.

    Sorry for so much questions but i'm really confused with displays as it has so much solutions .

    Here is picture of imx6q take care of display section :

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    So why i cant make board like for tablet so lcd is connected directly to board ?
    - often you may need to make and adapter where on one side is connector supported by your board and on the other side of the adapter is conenctor supported by the display (sometimes you need to reorder pins, sometimes the connectors are completely different and not compatible). If your on board connector is 100% compatible with display cable / connector, then you can connect them directly.

    You can use any display you like and is compatible with your board. However, if you are planning some future with your product (e.g. future production), be sure, that you will be able to order that same display again even after year ... or two .. or five ....

    This is what we use with iMX6Rex module:


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      Thank you Robert for kind explanation , but how to choose LCD how to know what LCD is supported by my processor (example in my project lcd is 24bit RGB ) so it mean it has 8bit red , 8bit green , 8bit blue.So any LCD with these kind of pins i can use ?

      Sorry but this is not so clear to me .

      Thanks in advance !


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        You need to check timing, protocol (e.g. bit ordering), pinout, levels, etc. Select some LCDs and compare their specification with what your CPU can do. Or, if you are not sure, have a look at displays what other people are using with the same CPU.

        It is not easy to choose correct LCD.