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10 Layer stack up and Core and Prepreg thickness

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  • 10 Layer stack up and Core and Prepreg thickness

    Hello Folks,
    After reading through some Application notes, Listening to robertferanec in his Advanced PCB layout course, I have decided for to go for below 10 layer stackup

    1. Signal
    (Any further suggestions are welcomed)

    This board has 50 ohms, 90 Ohms and 100 Ohms of controlled differential pair impedance.
    Now since I am redesign this PCB I am planning to go for 1Oz. of Copper on all layers which was initially 0.5 Oz on internal and 1 oz. External (Inputs welcomed here too.)

    I am struggling to get the details of how much thickness of Prepreg and Core shall I use.???
    It is recommended to get in touch with manufacturer for these details however I was hoping to give them some data before giving them some data.

    Any suggestion needed on how to set the thickness of Core and Prepreg??? Any document which I can refer of any standard value for these which is predominant in the market.

    robertferanec requesting your experienced opinion on this bit.

    Thank you.

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    This can help you:
    Page not found. You have landed in the wrong place. You will not find FEDEVEL educational courses on this page.

    1) You would like to keep smaller distance between Signal layer and GND plane
    2) You would like to keep bigger distance between Signal Layers
    3) Copper thickness of signal layer will influence impedance and I am not sure if you can use 1Oz to get small numbers - but that is just guessing, maybe it will work ok for you.
    4) You can use thicker copper on power and ground planes
    5) Track thickness, track width, prepreg and core thickness will influence impedance. These values need to be adjusted together. Have a look at the link above, that could give you some starting point. You can use then Saturn PCB ( ) to play with your stackup a little bit, but definitely confirm your stackup with PCB manufacturer (they will adjust it)