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Who Do You Use/Recommend For Manufacturing Your 14-Layer PCBs?

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  • Who Do You Use/Recommend For Manufacturing Your 14-Layer PCBs?

    I was wondering who you recommend for creating a 14 layer PCB with micro/blind vias?
    Advanced PCB here in the US is quoting my board but they are pricey.
    Was wondering who you use for a board of this complexity?


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    we use suntech for those kinds of PCB, but with those wishes (depending on material choice) it still wil be an expensive design, also depending on the PCB size price will vary..
    it wil also help when you dont go overboard with the blind via's
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    i just orderd a Megtron 6, 16 layer with blind and buried and micro(laser) via's but a pretty big PCB so they could only get 2 PCB's out of one panel.. it came around 350 -400 euro i believe.. dont know the exact price because our manufacturer handles that for us...

    DSG is one of the second source placed I believe
    Dongguan Somacis Graphic PCB Co.,LtdSBU PCBs,Standard Rigid PCBs,HDI,Heavy Copper PCBs,Special PCBs made with materials,Backplane,Flexible and Rigid-flex PCBs,Metal Core PCBs

    hope it helps..


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      How much is pricey? Boards with uVIAs are often much more expensive than through hole only PCBs.

      We use Exception PCB


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        I can recommend all the 3 above as well.


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          almost always use for meg6/nelco/itec