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  • BOM Template Problem

    Hello, I've been experiencing a problem where I'm unable to use my company Excel BOM template. It is a fairly simple template. When I select the template and try to generate, none of the fields populate. I have verified the parameter names match from the Excel template to my Altium parameters that I configured.

    I then tried to use generic templates, as well as Robert's Template. I can see the fields will populate (by selecting print preview), but when I actually try to generate/export, Altium will not generate a BOM. I get some invalid file that cannot be opened.

    I'd appreciate any help, thanks.

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    did you save the template as an .XLT or .XLTX


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      Yes file was saved in correct format, thanks for the response.

      Just to update my posting, I solved the issue, there were tiny errors on my original template that were easily overlooked, for example there were some collapsed columns and rows that prevented information from auto-filling.