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GND pour Layer 1 under HSE Crystal

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  • GND pour Layer 1 under HSE Crystal

    Hi there,

    I have tried to search lot and read article by TI , ST electronics , microchip etc.

    Some advice to have ground pour under the Crystal Oscillator and others say should not have it all , whom to trust and what is opinion about it?

    Why and Why not ? Reason behind it ?

    I shall be thankful for explanations.


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    - Usually I do not have GND directly under oscillators, but often I have GND on the second layer - I have never had any problems with this.
    - Also, I need to say, I do not route other signals directly under oscillator (they could pick up noise),
    - but I do route signals under oscillators if there is GND layer between oscillator and signal.

    I mostly read about not routing directly under oscillators, I am not sure if I have seen something about not having GND plane under oscillators.

    What are they saying - why yes and why not?