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two pico-imx7d SOM modules died. I don't have RMA. technexion don't talk with me

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    @robertferanec +robertferanec Here is a schematic photo of the main crystal I am measuring:


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      Please, did you make the calculation (about how to setup your scope) which I mentioned in my previous post?


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        @robertferanec + robertferanec In the figure this is marking 32.768 KHZ.........32khz egual 0,032mhz x 1.000.000 = 32.000 x 1/x = 0,000 031 25‬.....031 x 10 (because 031 stay in second box = 310µs (microseconds)

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          @robertferanec + robertferanec I came to some conclusions by analyzing (regarding) crystals:

          In my number response: #10 03-03-2020 06:37AM i talked about pico-imx7d-one and pico-imx7d-two. The one
          have the crystals Y1 - 32K, Y2 - 24MZH e Y4 37MHZ ok. The two have Y1 OK. but Y2 and Y4 not OK.


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            Y2 - 24MZH e Y4 37MHZ ok. The two have Y1 OK. but Y2 and Y4 not OK.
            - I just would like to add, please be sure, that your scope can measure 24MHz and 37MHz. Very cheap or slow scopes may not show the correct results.


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              @robertferanec +robertferanec

              In your answer # 04(and #06) you said: "There is often only 1 pin what you need to toggle to switch on the whole power. However, if your power supply is not switching ON automatically"

              How can I find this pin in pmic? datasheet mc32p3000a1

              photos -> y3 cristal is on the back of the SOM module

              I have a new board pico-imx7d now. For the time being, the only difference in measurements I found was in the two resistors in the highlighted photo. On the new (working) board they measure 0.000 and on the one I'm fixing, they measure 0.378v


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                @robertferanec +robertferanec
                I know the issue. The main processor is heating up. I sent a load (4.8v more or less) in VDD_ARM_IN (which supports a maximum of 1.5v). It was during the PMIC measurements (pins 6, 7 and 8). Although the probe was thin, it closed short when the probe was between the pins and involuntarily sent extra power to the main processor.

                I need your help in order to command the resolution of the problem. Does a good reballing solve? Or just a ReChip?

                Please, look images below:


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                  neuberfran I am not sure how to help. I have already explained everything in my previous posts. Personally I would not be fixing that boards - you do not know what everything is wrong on them (e.g. it can be multiple damaged chips or components).


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                    robertferanec I'm already sure what the problem is with my boards (the last one spoiled while I measured it). Can you answer me about the reballing or reChip question
                    to finish?
                    I don't have any board working here. I sacrificed my last pico-inx7d (ic main) but I found the damaged one and last board. The ic main stay hot
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                      @robertferanec I solved two imx7d-pico with reChip/BGA