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Power electronics PCB design course

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  • Power electronics PCB design course


    Are you working on or have you thought about an Altium Designer course with a focus on Power Electronics applications. For example, covering power components elements like MOSFETs/IGBTs and their gate driver circuitry; DSP layout and tracking of PWM signals to ensure same time delay; fibre optics or isolated interface from the controller to gate driver; converter analogue signals processing; GND and general PCB layout and routing to avoid EMI problems on analogue signals processing circuits in the same board as power devices; converter protections; communication interfaces for power converters (SPI, CAN, EtherCAT,...); among much others of course. I would be really interested in a course like this. I hope it is also of interest to the Academy and/or other people and could become an available course.

    Thanks for your time!

    Best regards,


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    How far do you want to go (on only a small item)?
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    • Miguel Garnelo
      Miguel Garnelo commented
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      I am interested on PCB design and layout for power electronic converters and power applications. But thanks for the channel, it seems quite interesting!

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    Miguel Garnelo I am not expert for power electronics design (I mostly only design CPU boards), so I am not planning on creating a course on this topic. However I am planing to make some youtube videos where some people would talk about this area.


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      Power electronics design is just like other electronics design - very wide and you are able to go very deep.
      Miguel Garnelo for PCB design and layout I think that copper thickness, thermal management and creepage + clearance are more dominant compared to the other fields.
      And I must say, there are not that many video's on these topics as there are for i.e. high speed design.