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  • robertferanec
    Short answers is: You will learn to design boards by doing it. You need to find a way to build the circuits you design. When you start with something simple, it is not expensive (e.g. use ).

    Some time ago I created a video which may help: Can You Be a Great SCH & PCB Layout Engineer? How?

    Also, in my recent video with Dave from EEVBlog we are talking a lot about how to become better and what can help to find a job: About HW Engineers, Electronics and Youtube ( with Dave Jones EEVBlog )

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  • Shahriar sakib
    started a topic Please help

    Please help

    My name is Sakib. I am a junior member of Fedevel Academy. I joined this community a few months ago. I am a citizen of Bangladesh. I am a student. I am studying at a public engineering university in Bangladesh. I have been working on PCB design for the last few months. Especially with altium designer. Before using this altium I also did some work with eagle PCB design. However, all the work that I have done or I am doing now, is not a very good one. It is like normal work. Not even a very difficult circuit (just for practice).

    It is very sad to say that in our country no course related to PCB design is offered in any public university , as far as I know. The PCB design that I am learning is entirely my own. But when I came to know about PCB design in depth, it seems very difficult for me to know how PCB design is. But I like PCB design very much.

    Needless to say, the public university I am studying in also does not have any courses related to pcb design. So my question is how do I come up with PCB design? Meanwhile, my university will not be able to help me with PCB design, as far as I know.
    But thanks to Fedevel Academy for giving me a good knowledge of PCB.
    But here I have some problems too.

    How do I check the PCB , I am designing at altium, whether my design is correct or not? Because there is no factory around me that will make PCB and test it.

    Moreover, after learning this PCB design, I am also worried about whether I will get a good job in our country in the future. Besides, I am also worried about how to move forward with pcb design.

    ​​​​​So I'm asking for help from this community, to help me improve my PCB design and move forward. Besides, if there is any Bangladeshi brother in this community, I am asking him for help related to PCB design.

    Thanks everyone.