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How to improve circuit design skills for schematics?

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  • How to improve circuit design skills for schematics?

    Can anyone guide me with resources on how to make the circuit design from scratch. Are there any good book or article with case study on circuit designing projects? or Books on practicing circuit design. I am trying to understand a case study and trying to design the circuit or schematic for BCM of ST Microelectronics. Link is mentioned below:
    Body control modules (BCM) depend on highly reliable electronic components to monitor and control a wide variety of car body, security and convenience functions.

    My goal is to design an application or product which is of professional level. It is my sincere request to mentioned the resources or guide me in my goal.
    Thank you.

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      There are number of ways to learn circuit design:
      - of course you can learn by studying small circuits, but often you may not know where to start or what to learn. So, if you are not sure, you can try next:
      - use a reference design and remove what you don't need - that is one of the safe ways to design boards and learn circuits or
      - use a reference design and add small circuits + "safe" components which you can use in case your small circuit doesn't work as expected (to bypass the small circuit or test different options)
      - debugging and fixing errors is another way to learn.