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  • Ideas for new videos on Rober's youtube channel

    Recently I came across some videos from EEVBlog that describe "top 5 jellybean components ... " of certain type. So far, I have seen the video on Top 5 Jellybean Op-Amps and Top 5 Jellybean Linear Voltage regulators. However there is certainly scope for much more that has not yet been created.

    There is no video on SMPS ICs, ADCs, DACs, current sources, voltage references, accelerometers, temperature sensors, pressure sensors, hall effect sensors, light sensors, LCD/LED/OLED displays, display controllers, bluetooth controllers, wifi controllers, USB controllers e.t.c.

    I think it would be great if Robert could make a video on Top 5 Jellybean SMPS ICs.

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    gyuunyuu1989 thank you. I added this on mu list of possible videos


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      I have been a but blown away by the youtube videos from altium itself lately.. they make is look so easy.. well here is a bunch of blind and buried via's in your 12 layer design.. bla bla bla.. and now you have your PCB done.. let see and who can manufacturer this.. so a good idea would be to have a video that shows real life implementation and not a "here is how cool this can be done" video.. and then also show the process the communication between the PCB manufacturer / EMS

      maybe its just me but i am having trouble with EMS people who only deal with one or two PCB companies that they get their PCB's from.. and they all say well this is to hard.. we will have too low yield.. .. so what is the practical way of dealing with this ..


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        Paul van Avesaath I am going to visit JLCPCB next month so if you have any questions you would like to ask about PCB manufacturing or assembly or if you would like to see some specific processes on picture or videos, let me know.


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          Paul van Avesaath It starts by putting effort in generating the production data itself. I am yet to see a video, blog or other that goes into the details, pros and cons of the various settings, what do the other parties want (assembly, fabrication, but also technical support, incoming goods inspection, etc.) This included video's from robertferanec , unfortunately.
          I thought it would be possible to create the perfect production data, until I spoke to some EMS'ses and fabricators... There is a difference in details wanted between the high end manufacturers and more low end. Some want the DNF components in the BoM (marked as DNF) while others don't want to see them, etc.

          I do have a feeling that a lot of those difference come from lots of bas quality datasets. If we can improve that, mostly through re-usable templates, I do think it could get a lot better.
          I created a lot of templates that I want to open source, if there is interest in them.

          However, even the best documentation and dataset does not make an impossible board to produce, producible.


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            qdrives yes i use to have a lot of output job file settings for each manufacturer and i know that production data is crucial.
            i now have made my own set of outputjobfile that consolidates the best of them.
            and having good rules is crucial.

            i also recommend always checking your output in a different viewer (like viewmate or similar) just to check if is is correct.

            But the point i am making is that the altium vids are showing the methods people will use for their design. and just because you can use blind buried via's doesnt mean it will be producable at generic fabs..or that you will have a desent Yield in production. you could get estimates of a 40% yield on a production run. so that leaves the question on how good that 40% will be and if it is not just pure luck it passes the electrical tests.

            people do not seem to understand that a price of a 16 layer board megtron 6 with blind and buried via's will cost you around 600 euro a piece in production of 100-300 pieces ..that is besides the startup costs and all that nre stuff.. were prototypes will be even a factor 3 of that price..

            robertferanec when you go to JLC it would be fun to explain why they are this cost effective (when they combine difrerent designs in a single panel or something else)
            also if you can find out if it is worth it to say hey i will produce my boards assembled in all with JLCPCB instead of your local EMS.
            for me the JLCPCB and others like it are usefull for very small simple boards. for a relative good price, but when it comes to a production usage of 100 a month is it still worth it?

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              Paul van Avesaath I do not trust a fabricator that simply says "No problem, we can build that. Just send us the gerbers" I would rather have a fabricator that asks you if you really do need those blind via's.


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                well that is true too. but the whole point is that the altium vid shows that it is a very "common" thing to do.. and it is not. you only use them if you really need to. and 90% of designers do not need to use them ..