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Open hardware dev board for IoT gateway implementation

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  • Open hardware dev board for IoT gateway implementation


    As an MSc student in computer networking, I choosed a master thesis which is about designing a PCB that can operate in LANs and Internet (sorry for my english).

    I'm interested in the IoT sector and I would like to build an Internet of Things Gateway. Because of this, some very common wireless interfaces MUST be supported (such as: Bluetooth, WiFi and ZigBee). From the software perspective, I like the OpenWRT and Kura. This is mentioned because of the device drivers that may be needed....

    Is there any open hardware development (or evaluation, or any) board for my case that I could practice with, in Altium?

    Thanks in advance.
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    I would probably look for an open source HW with software support for all the peripherals / interfaces you need and choose from them. There are probably not many this kind of projects and I am not sure if there will be some in Altium.


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      I don't particularly know for such open hardware project. You can use different Altium example project to get some ideas about layout, component arrangement and general stuff like that.

      I will advice you to rather keep it simple though. It depends how much time you have for the project, how much experience you have with designing such systems and PCB design and how much effort you are ready to dedicate.

      Also if you want to build the PCB (I guess you would), keep in mind that it could get very expensive, mostly because of the price you need to pay for high-speed PCB manufacturing but also components.

      It definitely sounds like exciting project though!


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        Thank you very much for the quick response!
        mairomaster thanks for your advice!