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PCB Manufacturing company. Suggestion?

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  • PCB Manufacturing company. Suggestion?

    Hello everyone.
    Could anyone suggest me a good and affordable pcb manufacturer able to make 10 and 12 layer pcb who as the capacity for the kinds of traces/gaps like the ones Robert shows in the courses
    and MOST inportant who CAN suggest the stackup configuration? Actually i've done maximum 6 layers pcb till now and my manufaturer is good for them but it doesn't have the capacity for 3-4 mil trace/clearance neither is good for stackup calculations/suggestions. Since i'll try to make a 10 layer board in some couples of months i'd be grate if someone could recommend some good european/asiatic manufacturer.
    Many Thanks.

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    In UK I have used Stevenage Circuits:

    I am quite happy with them.

    Where are you from? Do you think it could be more convenient for you to find a local manufacturer?


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      Thank you mairo. I'm from Italy but there are only few companies with prohibited costs. I don't care about local manufacturers. I need only a good and reliable one with acceptable costs.
      robertferanec any suggestionfrom you?


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        Some time ago I shared our stackups here: Download PCB Stackups – Free for your Projects

        For difficult prototype PCBs we use Exception PCB. They can deliver and they used to be really good, however in the recent years the communication with them can be sometimes slow. But they are still our first choice for PCB manufacturing. Note: They are expensive.

        For simple PCBs we use our local PCB manufacturer: SQP International