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STm32F407 boot pins implementation

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  • STm32F407 boot pins implementation


    I'm trying to use STM32F407ZET6 for my board. It will be produced in high quantity and connecting to one LCD and camera and... As I checked the hardware design manual, there are 2 pins for memory boot configuration, boot0 and boot1 which should connect to the switch. As I used to use STM32F103 MCU for my last designs, I never take care about these pins, and no problem were happened.

    But now I checked all development boards and these pins should be connect to the switch, however there is no switch in application devices which used this MCU? How can I implement these pins in schematic to be more reliable in programming after production.


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    fatemehjml I would use two 10k resistors per boot pin. One resistor connected to GND and the other one to VDD_MCU. I would always only fit two resistors (one for BOOT0 and one for BOOT1) - depends on what boot option I would be testing or using. For mass production I would only fit the resistors which are needed for that particular hardware. I hope it helps


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      Thank you very much dear,

      According to attached image, I will connect Boot0 to the ground by 10k resistor, and leave Boot1 unconnected. As I always use the MCU for normal use and programming. Is it right?


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        If BOOT1 has an internal resistor (pull up/down which defines it's value) and you are sure you are never going to use it, then that could be your solution.