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  • Thermal Pad/Vias

    Hey, I'm using a chip (BQ24092DGQR) with a thermal pad underneath. How will I go about designing it? Do I just have a large area underneath it with just top paste layer, for creating the thermal pad? Also the datasheet mentions thermal vias...are they just normal vias in Altium? I put the datasheet below:

    There's a video awhile back, is this related to my question?
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    Yes, You need to connect the Thermal pad to the VSS(GND)using via.
    Yes Robert's video is related to that.
    You can also have a look at the Evaluation board Layout ( and also look at the 12. Layout section of the data sheet(Page No 28)
    Thank you.


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      - I would follow footprint and paste recommendations from the datasheet you attached
      - I am speaking about exposed pad and footprints in this video: