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    Hi everyone! Just wanted to post and see if anyone has recommendations on flex layout in Altium. I am about to start my journey on my first one. Very simple board with leds and a 20pin header. Two layers. Am I able to define specifically a flex board and therefore be able to generate a manufacturing document with pictures and a pretty real image of the board? Just looking for tips really.....

    Thank you!

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    Designing FLEX is basically the same as if you would be designing a standard PCB, just your stackup is different. However, I would recommend to google for some flex design recommendations or something similar (e.g. "flex design guidelines") - there are some specific things what you may want to follow e.g. instead of solid planes use hashed, use rounded corners on tracks etc.

    PS: I started working on a flex project, but Altium is still missing some stuff from flex to make it a nice video, so I postpone that project and waiting to see what they will come up with.