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Ground in 2 layer boards

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  • Ground in 2 layer boards

    On 2 layer boards, I have seen many engineers define ground planes on the entire top and bottom layers. Then they proceed to place and route the components. They put a lot of vias to connect top and bottom ground planes. Is that a good practice? They used Eagle.

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    Yes, and do not leave islands.


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      Normally I try to keep bottom as solid as possible and only use very short tracks there. If you like, have a look at our 28pins open source project layout:
      Here you will learn how to design your own Arduino like boards. Download FREE Schematic and PCB. Open source project.

      Also, this is not direct answer to you question, but I hope it will help.

      Generally, unless the board is super simple or it is manufactured in big quantities, I would never use 2 layer again - a lot of problems. Today, 4 layer PCBs are cheap (e.g 8 USD for 100x100mm is very cheap):

      Click image for larger version  Name:	jlcpcb 4 layer 8 usd.png Views:	0 Size:	191.3 KB ID:	16368