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Tracks or Polygons on GND Signals

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  • Tracks or Polygons on GND Signals

    Hi, guys:

    This is my first post on this forum. So I have this question, what is the best for this type of connection on how to connect GND signals (?).
    *Attached images*

    Thanks, regards.

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    Look at
    Do keep in mind that both 2 and 3 are probably more prone to tombstoning.
    With 3 you get more risk at the capacitors touching each other due to drift. Now that is not an electrical problem, but does not look nice.


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      From assembly point of view or electrical / high speed / good power delivery point of view?

      Generally, for most of the normal designs, there will be not much difference (we have had to use all the kind of connections and it always worked oki). But, for powers, you may need to keep the connection short and wide. I like to use also polygons, but as qdrives pointed out some people tell it is not good for assembly (however we have not had any problems with assembly even when components were directly connected to polygons - you will find it in many designs).