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  • Schema library structure

    Hi Fedevel Family;

    I'm creating my own schema library.
    for example i have many resistors with different values. I provide in-house tracking with the ID numbers of the resistors.
    As the number of resistors increases, my file size increases for this reason.
    For example, can I create a component named 1206 resistor and create subcomponents such as 1R, 22R,33R.. under it?
    Note that I want to give a separate ID for each component.
    Thanks in advance for your help, regards.


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    You didn't say what software you use. Generally, in libraries there should be Components (includes for example info about manufacturer, part, supplier, ...), Symbols (schematic symbol), Footprints (pcb footprint). A component should be linked to it's specific symbol and footprint.

    Sometimes libraries are created only from symbols (schematic symbol + info about component) and footprints (pcb footprint).


    • suleymancskn
      suleymancskn commented
      Editing a comment
      Thanks robertferanec for your answer.
      I am using Altium Designer.
      Can I create a single resistor and sub-resistors (different value) under this resistor like logic gates?

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    There are no "sub-resistors" in Altium.

    This will give you an idea how it works:


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      Create one library for resistors, another for capacitors, and again another for...
      - Inductors
      - Discretes
      - Power
      - Logic
      - Connectors
      - Board (fiducials, etc.)
      No need for sub components.
      Name the parts so you can sort it the way you want. (Size -> Value)