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  • [Solved] Design ideas

    Hello everyone
    I'm an ECE student on my second year perusing a career in hardware engineering and embedded systems.
    I have worked with EagleCAD and Altium Designer, but my experience with Altium is much less (I've only newly learned it).
    I was wondering if anyone has any ideas about schematic and PCB designs that I can do for practice.
    I have worked on buck converters, sensors and STM32 microcontrollers (although I programmed them in Arduino IDE and not in C).
    Where can I go from there?
    I was thinking about something more complicated that has like Wi-Fi or RF, so I can start practicing on this field. What do you think?
    I have also worked with AVR microcontrollers and programmed them using C.
    I also though about making a PCB that has microcontroller and program it using C, that was I practice both PCB design and embedded systems at the same time, but my skills with embedded programming using C are very minimal.
    What is your advice for me?

    Thank you in advance.
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    If you can work with MCU, move to CPU e.g Raspberry Pi to understand systems with OS running on them.


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      Thank you Robert!
      As I mentioned, I can only program STM microcontrollers using Arduino and not C programming, do I consider this "can work with the MCU" ?

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    Arduino is based on C. If you feel you need more practicing in C, you can try to write program for MCU from scratch and do not use Arduino.


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      Got it, thank you