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Why are 90° angled traces bad?

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  • Why are 90° angled traces bad?

    Is there a scientific or practical reason why we avoid 90° traces? I have heard Robert and a lot of other experienced PCB designers say that they should be avoided. But according to Lee Ritchey, the fact that they cause reflections is a myth. So what is the real reason?

    Thank you

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    According to Rick Hartley it starts to be a (little) problem at multiple GHz frequency. So that is the scientific part.
    Practically you might consider acid trap, but that too should be at angle > 90
    "But we learned it that way"


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      Hi colhany, you can check the link below.


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        My opinion - Electrically it may not be a problem for standard boards, However:
        - it may not be practical to use 90Deg, it may need more space for layout (a diagonal is shorter than a horizontal + vertical line)
        - if you use 90deg, other engineers may comment on it (many comments may be negative and say it is a bad layout)
        - when you have a look around, designs normally do not use 90deg corners

        so I simply don't use them


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          Thank you everyone