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  • Master Thesis Topic Suggestions

    Hi Everyone,

    I want work multilayer and high speed pcb design at master thesis.
    Does anyone have any suggestions on this subject?
    If there are some of you who are working on this subject, can you give suggestions on which subjects I will work on?

    Thank you!

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    This is actually more a low speed topic, but in this video Robert has a board with multiple Gnd planes.
    Why is there current flowing even on the third Gnd plane?
    My question, as is of robertferanec (as far as I understood), is: does this relate to skin depth? In other words, if the copper were thicker (70um or 105um) would there be no current?
    This is not so much a problem for high speed, but switch mode regulators are in the frequency range where that shielding may be expected.


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      In my opinion, decoupling may be even a better topic than high speed. If I would be doing something about high speed, than it would be probably about return currents or a visualization how the fields are travelling.