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Question about Stripline and Impedance

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  • robertferanec
    This will help you to understand reference planes better:

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  • Bermell
    started a topic Question about Stripline and Impedance

    Question about Stripline and Impedance


    I need to use controlled impedance so I have to calculate the width for single tracks and width and gap, for differential pairs .

    I use the PCB Saturn software. For the microstrip case, I think it is easy to get it.

    My question is about stripline:

    In the software, i can set the geometry, but i can't set the funcionality of the reference planes. I mean, there is a reference plane above and below, so does the type of reference plane not matter ? What happens when one reference plane is GND and the other one is a power plane?

    I don't know if this question has been asked before.

    Thank you very much in advance