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Measuring impedance in PCB trace

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  • Measuring impedance in PCB trace

    Hi Fedevel Academy Family!

    I want to measure impedance on PCB trace.
    How can we measure the impedance on the path in a pcb that we have physically?
    I have a VNA. Is it possible with this?
    Does anyone know how to measure practically?​

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    This video may help:
    It's about TDR, but you will get the idea.

    I am not sure about VNA, I have "create a video about VNA" on my todo list. I know there are some videos on Youtube using VNA and measuring impedance, but I have not tried that by myself, but maybe someone may share their experience?


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      Hello, I learned from a different person that I can measure with a milliohmmeter or microohmmeter.

      I will report the results related to this.

      I am designing a CPW line. I don't know if I can calculate the series resistance, coil and parallel capacitance values of this line. Can anyone assist with this?​