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    Hello Everybody!
    I have some questions about PCB layers and the Stackup:

    1- I don't understand the differences between dielectric PREPEG layer and dielectric CORE layer.

    I'm not sure, but i think this:
    PREPEG: it's a dielectric layer in case the microstrip
    CORE: It's a dielectric layer in case of the embedded microstrip and stripline

    It's that correct??

    2- I don't understand the difference in use between "embedded microstrip" and "stripline", both are in the dielectric but i would like when to use one or the other.

    Thank you for the help.

    Have a good day!

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    Hello roberfp.

    1) Basically, PREPREG is just isolation (no copper), CORE is COPPER-ISOLATION-COPPER. This video may help you: How is a multilayer PCB made?

    2) Simply to say, microstrip is a way how you call tracks on TOP and BOTTOM layer, stripline is the way you call tracks build inside PCB. If you would like to know more, you can google for "stripline vs microstrip" as it is a little bit more complicated to explain into details.


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      thank you Robert!!