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Highlighting all instances of sch net in PCB router

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  • Highlighting all instances of sch net in PCB router


    I am doing the Lesson 1 placement exercise and I notices that +2V5 seems to not be used anywhere except as feedback to the regulator controller. When I hover the mouse over +2V5 on the inductor L4, I see pads on only C223, C224 and R147. Are these the only components where this net is attached. I'm sure that I am missing some components.

    I have started creating filter queries but I am not good enough with them in order to find all of the places where a single net, such as +2V5 are going on the PCB. Or, is it possible that +2V5 is really not used in may places? Seems illogical to me.

    Thank You

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    Hover function in PCB has a bug - it not always shows all the pads. Try CTRL + Left Mouse Button click. That should show all the pads connected to a particular net.


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      My verson of the hover function seems to be working. But what of the issue that I only see 3 components on +2V5? Since I believe that an Altium schematic has no netlist available, at least not one that I could read, I can't check the netlist to see if there are any other connections to +2V5 in the placement lesson.

      Thank You


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        You can check that in many different ways:

        - Did you try Robert's suggestion?.
        - In the PCB window you can find the particular net and click on it. That should highlight all pads.
        - Use a filter with a query: InNet('+2V5')

        Netlist you can export by opening a schematic sheet and selecting File - Export - Netlist Schematics. You have many different readable format - I often use OrCad.


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          Hover usually works, but not 100%. If you would like to double check where it is connected, go to schematic and use "Navigator". This may help you: Altium Designer Tutorial – Nets / Components browsing / probing in schematic and PCB