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  • Layout copy from board to board

    Is there a way to copy layout from existing design to new design. ( specially Processor and DDR3 interface ). I am working on new design and like to copy Processor-DDR3 layout from a working design ( rather than starting from ground zero).

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    These could help you:
    - Altium – How to COPY Component Placement
    - Altium Designer – Copy and Paste PCB Layout


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      Hi Robert, Thanks for these. I was able to copy critical traces from exiting design to new design with these. I copied the traces layer by layer ... but is there a way to copy all the traces on different layers at once and then paste them on new layout.


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        You can use the PCB panel to select the particular nets (net classes if possible for convenience). That will select everything in those nets, including the vias. More specific selection you can do with the PCB filter. For example:

        (IsTrack Or IsVia) And InNetClass('DDR3_BANK0')

        That will select all tracks and vias in BANK0 on all layers.


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          NavroopS, also, when you enable more layers, tracks from all of them will be copied. Maybe you used single layer mode (SHIFT + S) during selection and copy?