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Layout Guideline for LCD display

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  • Layout Guideline for LCD display

    Hello Friends,
    I am doing layout for LCD display using IMX 6 module. Can someone please, assist me, how to layout LCD signals. does it strictly require length match, as it low frequency (30Mz) only.

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    I don't think you will need length matching at 30 MHz. A bit more information will be useful - what LCD display are you using, details about the board - number of layers, what does it have apart from the LCD, etc. What IMX6 module are you talking about?

    It's always good to be as descriptive as possible - vague questions are very difficult to answers - they need unnecessary long answers and quite a bit of guessing


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      I agree with mairomaster, more info would be useful e.g. what is interface of the LCD display, RGB, LVDS, ... ? Biggest problem with LCDs is EMC - expecially if a long cable is used.


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        Thanks for your suggestion and i will take care of proving complete details.