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Routing question RE: Linear Power Supply layout

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  • Routing question RE: Linear Power Supply layout

    Hi, I just worked through the Linear Power Supply course and had a couple of questions;

    When the +Vin was being routed on the top layer, what affected the decision to split the path into two instead of making one combined branch?
    (eg, , where left side was in the video and right side is a possible path)

    Also, is there a vague general consensus on "teardropping" for track to pad and track to track connections?
    (such as in

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    1) If possible, I try to eliminate the paths which could influence each other. For example, if current flows from source to pin 1 and then it flows to pin 2, and there are some high current peaks + voltage drops on pin 1 (+ capacitors around it), this may possibly influence quality of input voltage on pin 2. Therefore if possible and in this situation I rather use star connection.

    2) I do not use teardrops. If in PCB house, they determine, that they need the teardrops, they add them by themselves. I have never had any problems with no adding teardrops.