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  • High Frequency PCB Step

    I want to design a 10 layer high frequency board with Zynq FPGA that contain DDR3, USB, Lan and ....
    I want tor start my pcb but i don't know from where should i start the pcb. i know there is some steps:
    1: FPGA supply capacitor(decoupling) placement.
    2: supply voltage routing
    3: ddr3 routing
    4: and ...
    would you please describe to me by detail, when you start designing the high speed pcb, what is the priority of steps?
    i mean please say for example first you place the capacitor under chips, then route capacitors then ddr3 routing or ...

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    This is a big topic Have a look at our Advanced PCB Layout Course - it is exactly about it:

    I found one of my older post, maybe this may help you: x86 Motherboard Development Process – Step by Step

    Possibly, have a look at this time lapse video of one of our layouts, maybe it will help you too:

    PS: Normally I always try to make my answers useful, but this really is a big topic and I would need to write a post about it. Try to search on my Welldone blog, you may find there answers on some of your questions.


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      Thanks dear robert. I learn meny things from you.