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  • Supplier Link Issue

    Hi everyone
    while making custom footprints,i generally link the supplier part number along with the component. So when i used that component in my design,during double click on it, I can see all the strings present(like part no,value and all) but when i click on Supplier link option(by 1st, Right clicking on component and then supplier link), I got the empty window. Please let me know if I'm linking my component in its schematic integrated library, why I'm getting empty window supplier search when I am using it in my design?

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    I got the solution,Thanku so much


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      Hello navdeep, please, what was the solution? Thank you.


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        Hi Robert
        Actually,after importing the item information(in supplier link tab ),it comes along with its part number information and instead of making it invisible,I was deleting it. That was the only reason why i was not getting the supplier information when i used the same component in my design.


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          Yep, that is exactly what once happen to me too Then I also realized that I need to make the string invisible.